Sunday Morning With The Entangled Readers The Cannibalist Manifesto - Part 4 31.03.2019
Due to the great response and outcome of the 3rd session in December 2018, Shimmer is happy to invite you to Sunday Morning With Entangled Readers for a collective reading, sensing and discussing The Manifesto Antropofago (The Cannibalist Manifesto) by Brazilian modernist poet Oswald de Andrade (São Paulo, May 1928). The Entangled Reader is the initiative of artists Lucie Draai and Zoe Scoglio, acting as a point of connection and opening up of their practices and research. As Entangled Readers, the manifesto is engaged by sensorial modes of attention and read through the phenomena of Nonlocality, a concept derived from particle physics. Denise Ferreira Da Silva draws upon the phenomena in her text ‘On Difference without Separability’ as a way of re-thinking sociality away from the grip of certainty to embrace the imaginations’ power to create, with unclear, confused or uncertain impressions. In Sunday Morning With The Entangled Readers, we will explore ways the text might resonate with, and be digested by, the bodies present in the room providing us tools for thinking through current political climates. Sunday Morning With The Entangled Readers at Shimmer is the fourth iteration of Draai and Scoglio’s collective work, with previous editions at Hotwheels Projects, Athens as part of the Dutch Art Institute and Van Abbemuseum COOP Academy, 2018.
Lucie Draai (CO/NL) is an artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands currently studying a Master of Art Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute, a two year itinerant program that fosters a variety of praxes at the intersections of art and theory. Her practice proposes a re-thinking or better yet escaping the (social, political) terms of order that surround us. Perceiving the world not concerning solidity and unity but as ‘viscous’ and ‘porous’.[1] A more-than-human understanding of the future seems necessary and vital and calls for a shift in how we conceptualize being, life, death, and temporality.[2] A proposal for radical hope[3] and radical respect for difference. Zoe Scoglio (AU/NL) is an artist whose practice engages temporal forms including voice, video and performance. She is currently interested in the space of art as a site of collective research that engages the radical imagination and sensorial methodologies towards alternative ways of being and relating. Whilst being mindful of our presence within planetary metabolisms, she is interested in how dialogues between somatic and theoretical knowledge might cultivate a re-sensitisation towards situated conditions.  She is currently studying a Masters of Arts Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute. [1] Tuana, “Vicous Porosity”, 192 [2] Braidotti, The Postman, 81 [3] Kim Q. Hall, No failure: Climate change, Radical Hope, and Queer Crip Feminist Eco-Futures