This event is the second of the Sunday Morning With...a performative event-based project that aims to tease out hidden connections, quiet conversations, and influences ordinarily unseen and unfelt. Far from articulating artworks through only the verbal, the program aims to create an environment where bodies, materials, ideas, and conversations come together, as a place to seed new ideas for both artistic practices and the community that surround Shimmer. Sunday Morning with Dr. Cissie Fu is hosted in the context of Moment V: Our Time Together Is Uncertain with Malin Arnell and more, which will be on view during the event. Dr. Cissie Fu is Dean of the Faculty of Culture + Community at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and Co-Founder of the Political Arts Initiative, which invites 21st-century imag-e-nations of the political through digital technology and the creative and performing arts. After an AB in Government and Philosophy at Harvard University, Cissie explored public interest law in Washington DC before moving to the University of Oxford for an MSt in Women’s Studies, an MSc in Political Research and Methodology, and a DPhil in Politics and International Relations. She lectured at Oxford and University College London prior to serving as Senior Tutor and Director of Studies at Leiden University College in Leiden University’s Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs in The Hague. Cissie’s research sits at the nexus of politics, philosophy, and performance, with a focus on contemporary manifestations of the political through individual and collective action and expression. Suspending divisions of theory/practice, contemplation/action, and analysis/performance, Cissie seeks common ground where thinking, making, and acting are equally foundational to being human, which, when taken as the starting point of political theorizing, casts performance—of identity, will, and responsibility—as a powerful source for political awakening and a robust realization of citizenship. On the premise that the aesthetic refracts the ethical and the political, Cissie draws from artistic practices for her current book project on the politics of silence, towards resuscitating silence as a positive political concept which can articulate and embrace the constructive ambiguities between attachment and detachment in political practices of speech and action.
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