On The Waves With
June 21, 2021
On The Waves With... invites people to share the music they listen to while working, making, reading, thinking, writing, cleaning, or moving that is influential to their practice. Then contributors pass the invitation to another person to make a playlist thereby expanding the aural, and joyously unrestrained, beyond our community and into new possibilities.
On The Waves with Sandra نور Wazaz accompanies Across The Way With Amalle Dublon and Sandra نور Wazaz titled 'Touch Yourself: On SOPHIE'. Watch the video here: shimmershimmer.org/across-the-way-with Sandra Wazaz is a DJ and artist working in video and installation. They were a 2020 fellow at Art Beyond Sight’s Art and Disability residency program and have exhibited at The 8th Floor, NY and Nook Gallery, Oakland, CA. Sandra lives in Brooklyn with their cat, Bean. @___one__long_______