On The Waves With
mei 17, 2021
On The Waves With... On The Waves With… nodigt mensen uit de muziek te delen waar ze naar luisteren tijdens het werken, maken, lezen, denken, schrijven, schoonmaken of bewegen; die van invloed is op hun praxis. Ook vragen we degenen die bijdragen om iemand anders uit te nodigen een playlist te maken, om zo het auditieve, en vrolijk ongeremde, buiten onze gemeenschap en naar nieuwe mogelijkheden uit te breiden.
Lucie Draai (b.1979 Bogotá, Colombia) is an artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, recently finished a Master of Art Praxis Degree from the Dutch Art Institute. Her Master Thesis "Caring Together in Decolonial Healing" explores what it means to be human guided by Sylvia Wynter’s thought provoking trajectory “Toward the Human, after Man” and Denise Ferreira da Silva’s encompassing book Toward a Global Idea of Race (2007); and argues that at the core of contemporary humanness lies a struggle defined by a racialized order of human existence. This struggle informs not only those racialized Others but to varying degrees impacts all human beings on a global scale. As a form of tentacular thinking this thesis contributes in troubling the colonial category of the human by introducing the figure of the human adoptee of color in relation to a decolonial ethics of care and healing. Pushing against normative notions of modes of being human the adoptee of color radically rethinks what it means to reclaim humanness and an ethic of care. Lucie Draai's practice proposes to re-think and disturb the social, political terms of order that surround us. To never settle and always stay in the displacement. A decolonial and more than human understanding of the present is necessary and calls for a shift in how we conceptualize being, life, death, and temporality. A proposal for radical imagination, hope and respect for difference. Exhibitions, performances, readings, workshops have been hosted by and collaborated with Zoe Scoglio, Tim Mastik, V2_Lab for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam, NL), Hordaland Kunstsenter (Bergen, Norway), Shimmer (Rotterdam, NL), Volteface (Johannesburg, SA), Billytown (The Hague, NL), PA-AP (Arnhem, NL). Residencies at Artist Proof Studio (Johannesburg, SA) and AGALAB (Amsterdam, NL).