Waves, 2014 by Lisa Tan

“Correspondence,” says Lisa Tan in her video Waves, is a term she uses “for sisterly agreements between places, images, sounds, and moments.”
For us, in this moment of Moment II: Waves with Lisa Tan, we are in correspondence with you here now at Goethe-Institut, or as you’re reading this on the train trip home, with Lisa in Stockholm, and with our exhibition space Shimmer nestled in the Port of Rotterdam. These correspondences move between the flashes of light and dark, between the computer screen and the ocean, between buffers and load times. Between the Städel Museum in Frankfurt with its bright blue walls and the cold wind that blows from the Arctic. We, you and us, are as Lisa says, “interact[ing] with something, somewhere, where you are not.” We are in-between, conduits, and flow-throughs. Our voices reliant on the unseen infrastructures of distant servers, or structured by language. And yet, we find a meeting points between land and sea, in places that ebb like waves or wavering flashes of distant lights.
LISA TAN lives in Stockholm. She received an MFA from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and a PhD from the University of Gothenburg, Valand Academy. Her video “Waves” (2014-15) has been presented in the recent exhibitions “Notes From Underground” at Kunsthall Trondheim (2017); “An Inventory of Shimmers” MIT List Center, Cambridge, MA (2017); “ever elusive” Transmediale Festival, HKW, Berlin (2017); “Why Not Ask Again” the 11th Shanghai Biennale (2016); “Surround Audience” the Triennial exhibition at the New Museum, New York (2015). For more on Lisa Tan’s work go to lisatan.net